About S2BIOM

About S2BIOM Database of Policy Measures & Instruments

This Database of Policy Measures & Instruments is an integral part of the European project S2BIOM ‘Sustainable supply and delivery of non-food biomass to support a “resource- efficient” Bioeconomy in Europe’. The main aim of this project is to support the sustainable delivery of non-food biomass feedstock at local, regional and pan European level.

In the S2Biom project, the research work foreseen will cover the whole biomass delivery chain from primary biomass to end-use of non-food products and from logistics, pre-treatment to conversion technologies. All these aspects together will be elaborated to facilitate the integrated design and evaluation of optimal biomass delivery chains and networks at European, national, regional and local scale in order to support the development of strategies for best ways to realize a bio-based economy.

The Database provides information on the regulatory and financial framework impacting bioeconomy development throughout Europe. The Database can be useful for a wide variety of stakeholders from policy makers over entrepreneurs to profit and non-profit organizations.

For each Policy Measure & Instrument information is provided on a set of descriptive Criteria such as: the targeted country/region(s), the goal, a short description, contact information, the involved policy fields, feedstocks and product types targeted, ...

How can you use the Database?

  • You can search the Catalogue by Filtering the Policy Measures & Instruments using the descriptive criteria of your preference (e.g. the type of measure, the targeted region, the type of feedstock or the sector targeted by the Measures & Instrument. To do so click ‘Catalogue of Instruments & Measures’.
  • You can update/review existing Measures & Instruments in the database. To do so click (under development)
  • You can comment on existing Measures & Instruments in the database. To do so 'log in' and use the Comment Box available at bottom of each Measure & Instrument description page.

Note: This database of Policy Measures & Instruments is an integral part (WP6) of the S2BIOM project. See www.s2biom.eu

The list of Policy measures and instruments is developed within different concurrent ‘sister’ projects, namely Biomass Policies (IEE), S2BIOM (FP7), BERST (FP7) and BioTrade2020+ (IEE).