Factsheet: Bioeconomy in Flanders

Bioeconomy in Flanders

Key Information
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Bioeconomy in Flanders - The vision and strategy of the Government of Flanders for a sustainable and competitive bioeconomy in 2030
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Bio-economie in Vlaanderen - Visie en strategie van de Vlaamse overheid voor een duurzame en competitieve bio-economie in 2030
The relevant Departments together with their agencies form the Flemish Interdepartmental Working Group (IWG) for the Bioeconomy that has developed an integrated, cross-policy approach to a sustainable and competitive Flemish bioeconomy and worked out a vision and strategy for the long term. On the one hand, this vision and strategy implements a number of actions and on the other hand it contains a number of strategic objectives that provide the framework for the (further) development of a Flemish bioeconomy. The strategic objectives were presented to and discussed with various stakeholders. With this vision and strategy the Government of Flanders wants to send out a clear signal that it recognises the importance of the bioeconomy. By providing the right framework and facilitating matters where necessary, it hopes that the existing and future stakeholders within the bioeconomy will be able to detect and seize opportunities themselves. After all, the bioeconomy will only be able to develop extensively if all stakeholders commit to it.
This document describes this vision and strategy of the Government of Flanders for a Flemish bioeconomy.

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Flemish Government Environment, Nature and Energy Department


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