Factsheet: Veterinary Act

Veterinary Act

Key Information
Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Veterinary Act
Full name of Instrument & Measure (native language): 
Veterinarni zakon.
The Act establishes conditions of veterinary care during animal breeding. These provisions aim at ensuring animal health as well as quality and safety of animal products. The Act is composed of the following Sections: (1) Introductory provisions; (2) Animal health and animal protection; (3) Health requirements of animal products; (4) Veterinary health requirements for imports, exports and transit of animal products; (5) Veterinary sanitation; (6) State administration in the field of veterinary care; (7) Professional veterinary activities; (8) Compensation of damages and harms resulting from dangerous diseases; (9) Veterinary preparations and veterinary technical resources; (10) Penalties; (11) Common, transitional and final provisions. The decree on certain veterinary and sanitary requirements for transport and processing of animal by-products is composed of six articles, regulates in accordance with European Union provisions veterinary and sanitary requirements for transport and processing of animal by-products: (a) marking of packaging, containers and vehicles used for the collection (and transport of various categories of animal by-products and processed products of animal origin; (b) transportation of manure; (c) processing of certain animal by-products.
Regulate health, quality and safety rules for animal products.

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Responsible Authority: 
Ministry of Agriculture - Ministerstvo zemědělství


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