Factsheet: Water act

Water act

Key Information
Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Water act
Full name of Instrument & Measure (native language): 
Vodní zákon.
The main objects of the Act are: a) protection of surface water and groundwater; b) economic utilization of water resources; c) reduction of adverse effects of floods and drought; and d) safety of water management structures. The text of the Act consists of 137 sections divided into 11 Parts. Part 1 comprises the Water Act which is divided into 13 Chapters: introductory provisions (1); the use of water (2); surface water and groundwater status (3); planning in water management (4); protection of the water regime and water resources (5); watercourses (6); river basin administration (7); water management structures (8); protection against floods (9); fees and charges (10); execution of state administration (11); sanctions (12); joint and temporary provisions (13). The remaining 10 Parts deal with amendments to various acts.
Sustainable management and protection of water.
Responsible Authority: 
Ministry of Agriculture - Ministerstvo zemědělství


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