Factsheet: Operational programme environment

Operational programme environment

Key Information
Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Operational Programme Environment – Implementation document
Full name of Instrument & Measure (native language): 
Operační program Životní prostředí – Implementační dokument
The Operational Programme "Environment" allocates investment grants from the Cohesion Fund to individual (up to € 50 million) and large projects (more than € 50 million). The Cohesion Fund is a European Union fund which provides financial resources to its member states for country-specific subsidy programmes aiding underdeveloped regions upon application. Renewable energy projects are eligible under Priority Axis 3.1 “Construction of new facilities and the modernisation of the existing facilities with the aim to increase the use of RES for the generation of electricity, heat and CHP”. Almost EUR 363 million have been reserved for this area, representing 54% of Priority Axis 3's resources. The Operational Programme Environment grants subsidies up to 85% of a project's total eligible expenditures. A project's minimum amount of eligible expenses has been set at CZK 0.3 million (chapter 3.3.3 Operational Programme Environment – Implementation Document). The latest call under Priority Axis 3.1 (“L. výzva”) was opened on 27 June 2013; applications may be submitted until 29 November 2013. However, the call focuses on the construction and modernisation of RES plants for the generation of heat and CHP.
Increase the use of RES for the generation of electricity, heat and CHP.
Responsible Authority: 
Ministerstvo životního prostředí (MŽP) - Ministry of the Environment


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