Factsheet: Clean Air Act: biofuel quota

Clean Air Act: biofuel quota

Key Information
Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Act No. 201/2012 – Clean Air Act: Biofuel quota
Full name of Instrument & Measure (native language): 
Zákon č. 201/2012 Sb. - o ochraně ovzduší
When introducing petrol or diesel fuel on to the Czech market for the purposes of transport these fuels need to include the following minimum quantity of biofuel: 4.1 % by volume for petrol (§ 19 par. 1 a Act No. 201/2012) and 6.0 % by volume for diesel (§ 19 par. 1 b Act No. 201/2012). The customs office imposes a fine to every fuel supplier failing to meet the obligatory volume of biofuels. The fine amounts to CZK 40 per litre of undelivered biofuel and has to be paid no later than within 30 days after receipt (§ 19 par. 10 Act No. 201/2012). Regulation No. 133/2010 lays down the requirements for fuels, the monitoring of their composition and quality.
Setting out a minimum share of biofuels in the transport sector.
Responsible Authority: 
Czech Customs Office


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