Factsheet: Regulation on Net-metering

Regulation on Net-metering

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Regulation on Net-metering for the Producers of Electricity for Own Needs
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Bekendtgørelse om nettoafregning for egenproducenter af elektricitet
The Regulation on Net-metering authorises the exemption of certain plant operators from paying the Public Service Obligation (PSO) or part of it. Electricity producers using all or part of the electricity produced for their own needs are completely or partially exempt from paying the Public Service Obligation on this electricity. The Public Service Obligation is a charge levied to support renewable energy. All technologies except for geothermal energy are eligible for net-metering (§ 2 no. 6 BEK 1068/2012). Plants must be connected to a collective grid, installed at the place of consumption and fully owned by the consumer (§ 3 par. 3, § 4 par. 3 BEK 1032/2013). Moreover, plants must be listed in a key data register (Stamdataregistret) (§ 6 BEK 1032/2013). Plant operators must apply to Energinet.dk for net-metering (§ 3, 4 BEK 1032/2013). The net-metering for the following plants: Solar energy installations > 50 kW, wind energy plants > 25 kW, Other technologies > 11 kW, is calculated on an hourly basis (§ 3 par. 1 BEK 1032/2013). Operators of the following plants: Solar energy installations up to 50 kW, Wind energy plants up to 25 kW, Other technologies up to 11 kW may apply for net-metering to be calculated on an hourly basis (§ 4 BEK 1032/2013). Energinet.dk determines whether the conditions for net-metering are met and which type of net-metering will apply (§ 7 par. 1 BEK 1032/2013).Plant operators must submit an application for net metering for existing plants to Energinet.dk before the first day of the month with a prior notice of at least one month. For new installations request must be submitted together with the request for grid connection (§ 7 par. 2 BEK 1032/2013).
Stimulate electricity from renewable sources.

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