Factsheet: Investment support for RES CHP plants

Investment support for RES CHP plants

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Terms and Procedure for the use of Investment Support for the broader use of renewable energy sources for power production.
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Meetme "Taastuvenergiaallikate laialdasem kasutamine energia tootmiseks" tingimused RTL 2009, 31, 400
The EU Regional Development Funds and state funds are used to support investments to infrastructure and technology to enhance the production of energy from renewable sources. Through this scheme, investments supports are made available for the construction of RES CHP plants and for the reconstruction of boiler-houses and necessary infrastructure to make them operational for renewable energies. Support allocated to the construction of RES CHP plants and the reconstruction of boiler-houses to make them operational for renewable energies is between 32,000 and 3.2 million Euros depending on the action supported (§ 9 par.1-2 Investment Eligibility Conditions Act). The support is coming from the European Union Structural Funds. The regulation sets up the criteria for eligibility concerning investments to promote the wider use of renewable energy in power production. The investment supports are available: for the construction and renovation of RES CHP plants, including the necessary infrastructure for connecting the plant to the grid for the reconstruction of oiler-houses to make them operational for renewable energies for raising the energy efficiency of the district heating networks, including the construction of new connection grids (§ 5 par.1 Investment Eligibility Conditions). Support cannot be allocated: to the (re)construction CHP plants with a capacity exceeding 2MW outside of Estonian islands, to boiler-houses with a capacity exceeding 4 MW to projects with a total budget higher than 50 million Euros (§ 5 par.2 Investment Eligibility Conditions). The allocation of support is round-based. Geothermal energy Eligible, Biogas Eligible, Biomass Eligible.
Increase the use of renewable energy for CHP

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Majandus- ja Kommunikatsiooniministeerium (MKM) – Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications


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