Factsheet: Organic Products

Organic Products

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Act on ecological farming, labelling of ecological products and control of ecological products
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Maa- ja metsätalousministeriön asetus luonnonmukaisesta tuotannosta, luonnonmukaisten tuotteiden merkinnöistä ja valvonnasta
Organic production is defined as the production of agricultural products, feedstuffs, foodstuffs and alcoholic beverages conducted using methods that comply with the rules set out in Council Regulation (EC) 834/2007. The regulation’s common rules are applicable in all EU Member States, and they also apply to organic products imported from outside the EU. These rules ensure fair and equal competition among producers, and also maintain consumer confidence on the authenticity of organic products. There were almost 4,000 organic farms in Finland by 2009, with a total certified organic area of more than 160,000 hectares (over 7% of the total cultivated area). Additionally extensive areas of forest have been certified as organic for the collection of wild berries and mushrooms. The latest statistics and further information on organic agricultural production and organic foodstuffs are available on the website of the Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira).
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The Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira)


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