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Transport 2030

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Transport 2030 - Major challenges, new directions
Transport 2030 is a proposal for new Finnish transport policy framework. As the operating environment changes, development of the transport system faces many global and national challenges. The most central of these relate to Finland’s competitiveness, smooth everyday travel and the control of climate change. They are all literally dispensable and require new choices in transport policy. The framework will direct transport policy over the coming years. What is essential is that the framework is effective and development is sustained. The pace and priorities of development will be influenced by the development of both resources and the operating environment. In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with transport, there will have to be a change in the direction of transport policy. Reducing demand for transport, improving energy efficiencies and developing and adopting new, low emission fuels will require a variety of actions from the responsible players. Economic steering methods can be used to influence overall demand for transport, modal split and energy efficiency. Developments are underway to reduce greenhouse gases. Efforts are being made to replace biofuels for road transport with more cost effective second generation biofuels. The critical factor affecting levels of emissions on railways is electricity production, an area in which emissions trading is helping to reduce the levels. At the moment there are no replacement fuels available for air traffic. Air transport has to reduce fuel consumption in order to reduce emissions. Developing marine engines to make them more fuel efficient will help in water traffic as will switching to fuels that are less polluting.
Transport system that is ecologically, socially and economically sustainable.

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The Ministry of Transport and Communications Finland


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