Factsheet: Energy and Climate Roadmap 2050

Energy and Climate Roadmap 2050

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Energy and Climate Roadmap 2050
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Energia ja ilmastokartta 2050
Finland’s long-term objective is to be a carbon-neutral society. This challenge is particularly great in the energy sector. Approximately 80% of all greenhouse gas emissions in Finland come from energy production and consumption, when energy used for transport is included. In addition to the climate and environment, Finland’s energy policy will equally concentrate on two other topics: taking care of the security of supply under all circumstances and supporting the society’s competitiveness. We have prepared an energy and limate roadmap covering the period until 2050 for Finland. The roadmap will serve as a strategic-level guide on the journey toward a carbon-neutral society. The roadmap is not intended to produce delineated pathways towards 2050; instead, it will consist of researching the alternatives and their impact on costefficiency and the competitiveness of the society. The strengths and weaknesses of Finland in these areas will also be assessed, as well as the opportunities and threats associated with various related situations. The roadmap uses the Low Carbon Finland 2050 platform research project (later, the Low Carbon Finland project) as key background material. The preparation was done by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Geological Survey of Finland, Finnish Forest esearch Institute and Government Institute for Economic Research. The project produced scenarios on alternative development paths for a low-carbon society up to 2050. The Low Carbon Finland project formed four alternatives low-carbon scenarios.1. Growth, 2. Stagnation, 3. Save and 4. Change.
Roadmap to a carbon-neutral society

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The ministry of employment and the economy


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