Factsheet: Fund for thermal renovation of private housings

Fund for thermal renovation of private housings

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Decree of 2 April 2012 regarding the regulation of the fund for the support of the thermal renovation of private housings
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Décret n° 2012-447 du 2 avril 2012 relatif au règlement des aides du fonds d'aide à la rénovation thermique des logements privés (FART)
The French government has introduced a national programme to support modest households in the thermal renovation of their buildings in order to decrease energy losses called “habiter mieux”. This subsidy is given in form of a lump sum, which can only be granted in addition to a subsidy of the National Agency for Housing, provided the renovation works improve the energetic performance of the housing unit by at least 25% (compared to the conventional energy consumption) (Annex, Décret n° 2012-447). Moreover, the district where the housing unit is located shall be signatory of a local commitment agreement against fuel poverty (Annex, Décret n° 2012-447). Biogas is eligible, as well as wood fuelled burners, heat-accumulation stoves, pellet stoves and wood-burning stoves are eligible under certain conditions regarding the capacity and output of the plant (Art. 41-44, Arrêté du 3 mai 2007) The subsidy amounts to € 1,600 per household. However the applicant may receive an additional support of the local authorities where the building is located, in which case the National Agency for Housing commits itself to increase the subsidy by the same amount up to € 500. The maximum amount of the subsidy allocated by the National Agency for Housing cannot exceed € 2,100 (Annex, Décret n° 2012-447). From 2013, the amount of the subsidy shall be revised on 1 January of each year.
Support energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings.

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Agence Nationale pour l´Habitat (ANAH) - National Agency for Housing


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