Factsheet: Biofuel quota system

Biofuel quota system

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Biofuel quota system
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Certificati di immissione in consumo biocarburanti
A quota system for biofuels is in place in Italy since 2012. Fuel suppliers for transport are obliged to satisfy a specified quota amount of biofuels in the total supplied fuel (4.5% in 2013 and 5% in 2014). There is a certificate system (RTFC) for providing proof of compliance. In case the supplier does not own sufficient certificates, it will need to pay a penalty fee (“buy-out price”) to the Authority. The RTFO order includes the sustainability criteria of the Renewable Energy Directive (global energy balances, compliance with EU Regulation 73/2009, land use change)
Setting out a minimum share of biofuels in the transport sector.

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