Factsheet: Lithuanian Environmental Investment Fund

Lithuanian Environmental Investment Fund

Key Information
Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Statutes of the Lithuanian Environmental Investment Fund, approved by Order No. D1-858 of the Minister of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania of 12 October 2010
Full name of Instrument & Measure (native language): 
Lietuvos aplinkos apsaugos investicijų fondo nuostatai, patvirtinti Lietuvos Respublikos aplinkos ministro 2010 m. spalio 12 d. įsakymu Nr. D1-858 (Valstybės žinios, 2010, Nr. 122-6221, 147-7542)
Establishes the promotion of renewable energy sources as one of the aims of the Lithuanian Environmental Investment Fund. There are two calls a year that are published in the media or on the website of the LEIF. The maximum subsidy is LTL 690,000 (approx. € 200,000) and must not exceed 80% of the total project expenses (Chapter II Item 7 Order No. 437/2003). Applicants shall demonstrate that they are able to provide funding for the rest of the project through their own resources (Chapter II Item 12 Order No. 437/2003).
Support investments in renewable energy.

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Responsible Authority: 
Lietuvos aplinkos apsaugos investicijų fondas (LAAIF) – Lithuanian Environmental Investment Fund (LEIF)


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