Factsheet: Regulations on private forest management

Regulations on private forest management

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Regulations on private forest management and use.
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Privačių miškų tvarkymo ir naudojimo nuostatai, patvirtinti Vyriausybės 1997-07-24 nutarimu Nr. 799
These regulations control forestry organization in private forests, preparation of their management plans, their use, reforestation and protection, define the rights and obligations of forest owners, related to private forest management and use. Private forest is defined as forest holding belonging to citizens based on private ownership right. Private forest is managed, used and reforested according to forest management plan or forest felling and reforestation plan (reg. 7). Private forests are subject to forest inventory along with forest enterprises and national parks. Private forests are attributed to forest groups according to the order defined by the Government of the Lithuanian Republic (reg. 12). Certain restrictions on timber cutting are applied depending upon the group. Forest land can be transformed into other land use categories only in exceptional cases (reg. 15). Regulation 25 sets out obligations of forest owners, whereas regulation spells out their rights. The officials of state forest service as well as chief district officer perform state control of private forest condition, use, reforestation and protection (reg. 26). The last part deals with responsibility for violation of these Regulations.
Regulate forest protection and sustainable forest management.

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Lietuvos Respublikos APLINKOS MINISTERIJA - Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania


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