Factsheet: Act on forest protection

Act on forest protection

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Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Act of January 30, 1951 on forest protection
Full name of Instrument & Measure (native language): 
Loi du 30 janvier 1951 ayant pour objet la protection des bois
The law provides regulations concerning forest protection. It mainly deals with the situation in which someone wants to proceed with the clearing or excessive cutting of a piece of forest larger than 2 ha. It explains the procedures: the declaration to the forestry administration needs to be done. The declaration should contain an exact description of the situation and the capacity of timber on the location where the operation will take place. The Government has the right to object the clearing or excessive cut in forests whose conservation is important to the public interest, but belonging to individuals. The text consists of 13 articles explaining all the details linked to the declaration and the right of the state not to authorise the works inclusive foreseen penalties for not following the procedures.
Regulate forest protection.

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Responsible Authority: 
Ministère de l'Agriculture, de la Viticulture et de la Protection des consommateurs; Administration de la nature et des forêts - Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Consumer Protection, Nature and Forest Administration


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