Factsheet: Instructions for forest management plan

Instructions for forest management plan

Key Information


Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Instructions of November 18, 1952 for the forest management plan for forest submitted to the forestry regime.
Full name of Instrument & Measure (native language): 
Instructions du 18 novembre 1952 concernant l'aménagement des forêts soumises au régime forestier.
The aim of the instructions is to ensure the conservation of forests and make sure that a sustained and progressive production is achieved. It prepares and develops the basis for treatment and sets a fixed return from the forest by prescribing management systems that help to develop each stand under optimal conditions for qualitative and quantitative growth.
Support sustainable forest management.

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Responsible Authority: 
Ministère de l'Environnement (mev) - Ministry of the Environment


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