Factsheet: Approved products and establishments

Approved products and establishments

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Approved Food and water products list
Wood and wood packaging material List of approved sawmills (KD56C 30min).pdf List of approved companies (ISPM 15).pdf List_of_approved_companies_ISPM15_SLT-number_included.pdf Plantevernmidler Plantevernforhandlere.pdf Plantevernimportorer.pdf Approved establishments and laboratories in the verinary and zootechnical field 1. Assembly centres 4a. Bovine embryo collection and production teams 3b. Bovine semen storage centres 1b. Bovine species bodies officially recognised for the purpose of maintaining or establishing herd-books 1f. Equine species bodies approved or recognised for maintaining or establishing a herd-bock flock or studbook 3a. Bovine semen collection centres 3c. Porcine semen collection centres 3d. Ovine and caprine semen collection centres 3f. Equine semen collection centres 7. Bodies institutes an centres Feed sector / Fôrvare Approved and registered feed companies.pdf Approved and registered feed companies TSE.pdf Food / Næringsmidler Section 4 Wild game meat.pdf Section 9 Raw milk and dairy products.pdf Section 3 Meat of farmed game.pdf Section 2 Meat from poultry and lagomorphs.pdf Section 1 Meat of domestic ungulates.pdf Medisinske_naeringsmidler.pdf Fish and fishery products Virksomheter_som_haandterer_fiskerivarer_-_Fishery_establishments.pdf Liste_over_transportenheter_som_er_godkjent_for_transport_av_levende_akvakultur.pdf Liste_over_fartøy_som_er_godkjent_for_fiske_og_føring_av_levende_fangst.pdf Levende_muslinger_-_Live_bivalve_molluscs.pdf Frysefartoey_-_Freezer_vessels.pdf Fabrikkskip_-_Factory_vessels.pdf Såvareforretninger Registrerte_saavareforretninger.pdf Registrerte_settepotetforretninger.pdf Registrerte_leierenserier.pdf
Approved food and water products.
Responsible Authority: 
Norwegian Food Safety Authority