Factsheet: Quota & tradable green certificates

Quota & tradable green certificates

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Law No. 220/2008 Establishing a System for the Promotion of Electricity Generation from Renewable Sources
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Legea nr. 220/2008 pentru stabilirea sistemului de promovare a producerii energiei din surse regenerabile de energie (220/2008)
In Romania, the main means of promotion is a quota system based on quota obligations, tradable certificates, and minimum and maximum prices. Electricity suppliers and producers are obliged to present a certain number (or quota) of green certificates (art. 8 par. 1 Law No. 220/2008 as referred to in art. 1 par. 11 Emergency Ordinance No. 88/2011). These tradable certificates are allocated to the producers of electricity from renewable sources. The annual mandatory quotas for electricity produced from renewable sources that benefit from the GCs support scheme for the period 2010-2020 are the following: 2010 - 8,3%; 2011 - 10%; 2012 - 12%; 2013 - 14%; 2014 - 15%; 2015 - 16%; 2016 - 17%; 2017 - 18%; 2018 - 19%; 2019-19,5%; 2020 - 20%. Biomass, bioliquids and biogas must certify the origin of the biomass fuel in order to be eligible for TGC, by means of certificates issued by accredited institutions; duration of TGC of 15 years, price range of TGC: 27-55 Eur/MWh; penalty for not complying 110 Eur/MWh; The most important recent amendments (Emergency Government Ordinance 57) concern (i) the suspension of granting a certain number of green certificates until 2017, (ii) the possibility for the Romanian Government to change the support scheme at any point in the calendar year, and (iii) a maximum of electricity certified by the green certificate support scheme per annum.
Support electricity from renewable sources.

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Romanian Energy Regulator Authority


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