Factsheet: Biofuel quota

Biofuel quota

Key Information
Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Decision No. 935 from 21/09/2011 on promoting the utilization of biofuels and bioliquids
Full name of Instrument & Measure (native language): 
Decision No. 935/2011 (Hotararea Nr. 935 din 21/09/2011 privind promovarea utilizarii biocarburantilor si a biolichidelor
A quota system for biofuels is in place in Romania. Fuel suppliers for transport are obliged to satisfy a specified quota amount of biofuels in the total supplied fuel (Art. 3 par. 1 Decision No. 935/2011). Only certified biofuels satisfying specific sustainability criteria can be accounted into fulfilling the prescribed quota. These criteria are determined by law (Art. 5 par. 1, 3-9 Decision No. 935/2011). Romania applies an exemption from the payment of the excise duty for biofuels and other renewable fuels. Within the Romanian Fiscal Code (Law 571/2003), the non conventional biofuels (biodiesel) are exempted from taxes. A New Fiscal Code (Law 343/2006) is applying as from January 1st 2007. The Law 343/2006 in its 201 article gives a full detaxation for biodiesel. The full exemption from the excise tax applies only for the FAME content.
Setting out a minimum share of biofuels in the transport sector.

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Ministry of economy


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