Factsheet: Western Balkans Sustainable Energy Direct Financing Facility

Western Balkans Sustainable Energy Direct Financing Facility

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Western Balkans Sustainable Energy Direct Financing Facility (WeBSEDFF)
Western Balkans Sustainable Energy Direct Financing Facility (WeBSEDFF) is a EBRD credit line facility for financing industrial energy efficiency, small renewable energy projects and ESCO projects through participating banks, launched in 2006, and extended in 2012 with additional € 50 million of funding. In order to qualify for a WebSEDFF loan, the companies and projects have to meet certain eligibility criteria. 1. Technical criteria: at least 20% of energy savings for industrial energy efficiency projects; minimum efficiency (utilization) rate for renewable energy projects. 2. Financial criteria: a sound financial and economic structure with sufficient equity capital contributed to the project by the sponsor. 3. Other criteria: for projects requiring concessions, licenses and permits, those should be obtained in compliance with the relevant EBRD requirements (transparent and competitive process, among others). Under this scheme eligible borrowers can obtain: 1. technical consultancy services free of charge, provided by the Project Consultant, to support the preparation of sustainable energy projects. 2. incentive payments (up to 20% of the loan) based on the estimated reduction of CO2 emissions resulting from project implementation. Production of renewable energy fuels - biomass - is included, except for biofuel crops. These projects, however, are not eligible for incentive payments.
Stimulate investments in energy efficiency and use of renewable energy.

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European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)


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