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Feed-in tariff

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Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Decree on incentive measures for Privileged Power Producers
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Uredba o merama podsticaja za povlašćene proizvođače električne energije
The feed-in tariff system in Serbia came into effect in 2009 and aims to support small-scale RES-E plants (privileged power producers). RES plants (biomass plants - which use not less than 90% of biomass fuel) are entitled to sell all the electricity produced and exported to the grid at the rates fixed by the Decree, during the 12 years period. Incentive measures as defined in this Decree are: 1) The incentive period of 12 years for each of the power plants of the privileged power producers which have been commissioned less than 12 months before conclusion of the Power Purchase Agreement i.e. the 12 years incentive period reduced by difference between the year of concluding the Power Purchase Agreement and the year of commissioning of all the other privileged producers’ power plants; 2) Feed-in tariff at which the privileged producer is entitled to sell total amount of power generated during the incentive period to the Public Supplier; 3) The right of privileged producer who had previously acquired temporary status of privileged power producer to sell total amount of electricity generated during the incentive period to the Public Supplier at feed-in tariff valid at the time of acquiring temporary status of privileged power producer; 4) Taking balancing responsibility and balancing costs from privileged producers during the incentive period by the Public Supplier; 5) Free of charge monthly notification of a privileged producer and Public Supplier on the electricity generation in the facility of the privileged producer metered by the relevant System Operator during the incentive period; 6) The right of a privileged producer to conclude an Agreement with the Public Supplier after the incentive period on purchase of the total amount of produced electric power at conditions on the organized electric power market in the Republic of Serbia
Support electricity from renewable sources.

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Ministry of Mining and Energy


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