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Feed-in tariff

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Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Decree on incentive measures for Privileged Power Producers
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Uredba o merama podsticaja za povlašćene proizvođače električne energije
The feed-in tariff system in Serbia came into effect in 2009 and aims to support small-scale RES-E plants (privileged power producers). RES plants (biomass plants - which use not less than 90% of biomass fuel) are entitled to sell all the electricity produced and exported to the grid at the rates fixed by the Decree, during the 12 years period. Incentive measures as per the Regulation hereof shall be: 1) The incentive period, with a duration of 12 years as of the first reading of the amount of electricity in the power plant or part of the power plant after the date of acquisition of the status of privileged producer, unless the duration of the incentive period is established differently by the Regulation hereof and the power purchase agreement; 2) The incentive purchase price at which the privileged and preliminary privileged producers sell to the guaranteed supplier the appropriate amount of electricity produced during or before the incentive period, in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation hereof; 3) Assumption of balancing responsibility by the guaranteed supplier for the delivery points for electricity of the privileged producer, during the incentive period; 4) Assumption of balancing costs of the privileged producer, during the incentive period, by the guaranteed supplier; 5) Free of charge access to electricity transmission, and/or distribution systems. The preliminary privileged producer has the right to incentive measures referred to in paragraph 1 of the Article hereof from the day of conclusion of the power purchase agreement in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation hereof. The period referred to in paragraph 2 of the Article hereof includes the trial operation of the plant, or part of the power plant, and the period from the finalization of the trial operation until the date of the commencement of the incentive period.
Support electricity from renewable sources.

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Ministry of Mining and Energy


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