Factsheet: Spanish Air Quality Action Plan 2013-2016

Spanish Air Quality Action Plan 2013-2016

Key Information
Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Spanish Air Quality Action Plan 2013-2016
Full name of Instrument & Measure (native language): 
Plan Nacional de Calidad del Aire y Protección de la Atmósfera 2013-2016
AIR plan developes article 24.5 of the Royal Decree 102/2011 (related to air quality) AIR Plan establishes a framework for improving the air quality in Spain: first, through a series of specific measures and on the other, through coordination with other sectoral plans, particularly plans to air quality that can take regional and local authorities in the framework of its powers. The action plan measures are divided into horizontal and sectoral measures. Horizontal measures act on the information to the public, awareness, administration, research and taxation. The sectoral measures, however, are aimed at specific sectors: industry, construction, transport, agriculture or residential, commercial and institutional. There is a set of actions attaining biomass sector: reduction of open air burning of agrarian residues and specification of biomass and boilers characteritics specially in small sized facilities.
Reduction of emissions and improvement of air quality. In respect to biomass two goals and two instruments: - AGR3: reduce emisions from open air burning of agricultural residues. Includes 28 M€ as incentive to drive a change (incentive for shredding to soil or for biomass harvesting) - RCI1: a) Boiler: either CEN certified (UNE-EN 303-5), or it should prove acomplishment with emissions. b) Biomass: either CEN certified (UNE-EN 14961 for non industrial uses) or acomplish spific requirements (moisture, ash, etc.) to be defined by the ministry in a specific order
Responsible Authority: 
Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs


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