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Government Decision No. 1307/2011. (IX. 6.) on Hungary’s first National Environmental Technology Innovation Strategy (NETIS)
The Hungarian government adopted the National Environmental Technology Innovation Strategy (NETIS) at the end of 2011 as its framework for eco-innovation within the Hungarian National Reform Programme. This National Reform Programme is Hungary's contribution to Europe 2020 – the European Union's overarching programme for smart, sustainable and inclusive economic growth. NETIS foresees the renewal and implementation of the country's research and development and innovation programme. The government's vision is to foster environmental industries and technology, to focus on environmental innovation, to reduce primary material use and encourage reuse and recycling, and to ensure a paradigm shift from an “end-of-pipe” approach to environmental issues to prevention of problems. To finance these measures, the Hungarian government is looking at a range of funding possibilities: European Union research funds, agricultural, cohesion and structural funds, and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, which is available through Norway's membership of the European Economic Area (EEA), and which includes increasing the uptake of environmentally friendly technologies among its priorities for Hungary.
Support investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy and environmental friendly technologies.

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Hungary's Ministry of Rural Development


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