Factsheet: Darányi Ignác Plan

Darányi Ignác Plan

Key Information
Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Framework Programme for the Implementation of the National Rural Development Strategy
Darányi Ignác Plan is a framework programme for the implementation of the National Rural Development Strategy (NVS 2012–2020). This Strategy aims to reverse unfavourable processes predominant in the countryside. Based on the vision that has sustainability, viable agricultural and food production and values of rural life at its core, the Strategy defines the objectives and principles of the country’s rural development policy and provides a framework for the implementation of the relevant programmes and measures. The main areas of the strategy are increasing rural employment, balanced and varied agriculture and forestry that utilises resources in a sustainable manner, re-establishment of a diverse production structure, local food production and markets, rural-urban relations, the exploitation of export opportunities of high value-added food products, the strengthening of cooperative alliances, local energy production, rural local communities, improvement of the standard of living, a reversal in the rural population decline, and the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity.
Stimulate sustainablility and efficient use of resources: preserving the natural values and resources of our lands, supporting diverse and viable agricultural production, focus on food security and food safety, ensuring the existential bases of the rural economy and increasing employment in rural areas, and strengthening rural communities, improving the quality of life of the rural population.
Responsible Authority: 
Ministry of Rural Development and the Parliamentary State Secretariat and Strategic Department


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