Factsheet: Top sector program

Top sector program

Key Information
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Dutch top sectors
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Nederlandse topsectoren
The Netherlands considers how innovation and entrepreneurship can continuously grow. These social challenges create a demand for public goods such as clean energy, sustainably produced food, affordable health care, clean drinking water and safe deltas. These challenges offer plenty of opportunities for export to the global market. In order to remain economic and social global market leaders, The Nederlands focus on measures for all businesses and on the nine top sectors. In both cases, they focus on smart cooperation between businesses, researchers and government. The top sectors are knowledge-intensive and export-oriented, and can make a substantial contribution to global social problems. Large businesses and SMEs within these internationally operating top sectors create jobs and prosperity. The government wants to fully optimise these top sectors’ earning potential and enhance Dutch competitive strength and the economy. To make the best use of the scarce financial resources, businesses, researchers and government work closely together in Top consortiums for Knowledge and Innovation (TKIs). The government is continuously liaising with the top sectors to offer tailor-made solutions for sector-specific issues. To fully exploit export opportunities in the world market, framework conditions such as ICT, regulatory burden, sustainability and employment for all these sectors must be in good order. The top sectors also make agreements about this, so each sector can turn knowledge and innovation into highly marketable products. The 9 top sectors are: Agro & Food / Chemicals / Creative Industry / Energy / High Tech Systems and materials / Life Sciences & Health / Logistics / Horticulture and Propagating Stock / Water.
Support investments in sustainable technologies and innovation in view of prosperity and opportunities for export to the global market.