Factsheet: Biobased Delta South Holland (BBDSH)

Biobased Delta South Holland (BBDSH)

Key Information
Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Biobased delta South-Holland
Full name of Instrument & Measure (native language): 
Biobased delta Zuid-Holland BBDZH
The main objective of Biobased Delta South Holland (BBDSH) is to assist companies in the transition to a biobased economy. Therefore an (administrative) network and for businesses, educational institutions and governments was created. BBDSH is a network that ensures that initiatives be coordinated, financing programs will be strengthened, the region has one face to the outside and that the implementation of programs and projects will be strengthened and accelerated. BBDSH acts as a coordinating network initiatives between companies and knowledge institutions and implementing interconnect. The project implementation is picked up by the represented parties (companies, knowledge institutions and governments) in BBDSH. The biobased strategy of South Holland's emphasis on the production of raw materials and finished products for the chemical, food, feed, pharmaceuticals, packaging and building materials, and thus focuses on the higher layers in the so-called value pyramid of biomass. In 2012 Biobased Delta South Holland (formerly platform BioDelta South Holland) as a triple helix partnership to initiate, facilitate and accelerate the scale of the province of Zuid-Holland projects and programs in the field of bio-based economy. Since 2013 they are member of the Biobased Delta, a foundation where companies, knowledge institutions and governments in Zeeland, North Brabant and Zuid-Holland together to become a global top region in the Biobased Economy. It works intensively with 'neighbors in Flanders, North Rhine-Westphalia and northern France, but also in other regions of Europe, Canada and Brazil.
BBDSH supports biobased economy.


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