Factsheet: CoEBio3


Key Information
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Centre of Excellence for Biocatalysis, Biotransformations and Biocatalytic Manufacture
The CoEBio3 is the UK’s new organisation designed to provide a world-class scientific environment in which the necessary research and development can be carried out to create new biocatalyst-based processes to meet the changing needs of industry in the next 10-20 years. CoEBio3 will train graduate and postdoctoral scientists such that they possess the necessary combination of skills in chemistry, biology and engineering needed to support these changes. Furthermore we have a dedicated pilot biomanufacturing facility that will be available to both academic and industrial groups. We intend to supply the research, training and development services to enable the application of white biotechnology to produce chemical entities with an applied “genes to kilos” philosophy.
Knowledge Transfer: CoEBio3 runs a confidential contract research service for industry, carrying out feasibility projects to assist industry in the discovery and development of biocatalysts and/or bioprocesses. Training: CoEBio3 provides a first-class training environment for postgraduate and postdoctoral scientists, providing industry with the blend of skills required to meet current and future demands in developing and establishing biocatalytic processes. Read more on CoEBio3 Training EU-FP7: building scientific consortia and managing large EU projects, allowing us to become a key player in a virtual centre for European Biotechnology.
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Manchester Institute of Biotechnology - University of Manchester


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