Factsheet: TWB - Toulouse White Biotechnology Cluster

TWB - Toulouse White Biotechnology Cluster

Key Information
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Toulouse White Biotechnology Center of Excellence
TWB aims to privilege the development of a bio-economy through the introduction of innovative production chains making use of renewable carbon. The aim is for these methods to effectively and sustainably complement or replace industries that rely on use of fossil carbon. TWB’s activities foster the creation and design of biological tools (microorganisms, microbial consortia and enzymes) for use in innovative and profitable industrial processes, which will pave the way for new sustainable production methods for manufacturing chemical, energy, domestic and food commodities. TWB attracted some thirty partners from the outset, who subsequently grouped together to form a spearhead public-private consortium, with objectives to facilitate the public research / industry interface and improve the development of new methods of sustainable production through the use of innovative biological tools and competitive processes. TWB is supported by seven highly functional and complementary platforms: •5 technical platforms •1 environmental evaluation platform •1 ethics platform
To promote industrial (white) biotechnology and promote the emergence of the bio-economy To act as a catalyst for scientific innovation To reinforce the links between basic research, applied research and industrialization
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Toulouse White Biotechnology


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