Factsheet: Investments for the Future

Investments for the Future

Key Information


Launched in 2009 by the French Government, the Investments for the Future programmes are strategic initiatives which aim to boost French competitiveness by investing in research, higher education and vocational training, in industry and SMEs, in sustainable development and in expanding sectors such as digital technology, biotechnology and nuclear energy. Drawing on ANR know-how and expertise, the French Government has entrusted the agency with management of the research and higher education component of the programmes.
The aim is to massively invest over the long-term in innovative S&T projects which will eventually be a source of growth and progress for the French economy. ANR's activities aim at: -Developing science and technology -Rallying teams around societal and S&T challenges -Speeding up knowledge creation and transfer, and fostering academic-industry partnerships -Promoting collaborative work and interdisciplinary dialogue -Preparing a new generation of talents -Facilitating European and international collaborations
Responsible Authority: 
The French National Research Agency


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