Factsheet: Industrial Biotechnology: a roadmap for Flanders

Industrial Biotechnology: a roadmap for Flanders

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Industriële Biotechnologie: een roadmap voor Vlaanderen
This roadmap is the result of the call of the Flemish Government (Departement EWI) to develop a roadmap for each of the Key Enabling Technologies identified by the EC. CINBIOS (collaboration of FISCH, Flandersbio and GBEV) drafted a roadmap for Industrial Biotechnology. It was concluded that Flanders has considerable specialisation in Industrial Biotechnology, due to strong research expertise, and a large chemical industry. Four promising value chains for Flanders were identified: (i) the production of fine chemicals from sugars, starch or other bio-based feedstock, (ii) the generation and use of second generation sugars as feedstock for Industrial Biotechnology, (iii) the use of lignin-rich resources for the production of high added value materials and chemicals and (iv) conversion of carbonaceous (waste-) gases to chemicals.
To deliver the necessary data to support and justify a new innovation and industrialisation strategy for the Flemish bio-based economy