Factsheet: Regional Pole of Innovation of Western Macedonia (R.P.I.W.M.)

Regional Pole of Innovation of Western Macedonia (R.P.I.W.M.)

Key Information
Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Regional Pole of Innovation of Western Macedonia (synEnergia)
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The Regional Pole of Innovation of Western Macedonia (R.P.I.W.M.) was a network of regional actors from private and wider public sector that aimed to increase Western Macedonia’s technological and innovative records, to stimulate an environment of innovation and regional conscience in the main axis of Energy and increase the competitiveness of regional economy. All participated actors were organized in one and only priority, the technological and scientific area of energy, developing a critical mass of technological and innovative ideas, in order to become particularly competitive in national and international level. Years of implementation: 2006-2008 (24months). Implementation instruments Implementation Instrument A: Research & technological development consortia in priority areas for the Region A1: ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT AND SUPPORT OF PPC’s OPERATIONAL DECISIONS SYSTEM FOR THE REGION OF KOZANI/ PTOLEMAIDA/ AMYNTAIO/ FLORINA A2: ADVANCED MEASURES FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF OPERATION OF LIGNITEBASED POWER PLANTS AND FOR REDUCTION OF CO2 EMISSIONS A3 CO-COMBUSTION OF SECONDARY FUELS (BIOMASS) WITH LIGNITE IN A POWER PLANT A4: PILOT APPLICATION OF USE OF CUBE BLOCKS WITH HIGH CONTENT IN FLY ASH A5: DEVELOPMENT AND EVALUATION OF INNOVATIVE CATALYTIC SYSTEMS FOR HYDROGEN PRODUCTION FROM BIOGAS (BIO2HYDRO) Α6: AIOLOS: PROMOTION OF EXPLOITATION OF WIND ENERGY IN THE REGION OF WESTERN MACEDONIA Α7: DEVELOPMENT AND MANUFACTURE OF SOLAR AIR CONDITIONING DEVICES WITH SMALL POWER CONSUMPTION Α8: STUDY FOR ENERGY SAVINGS AND THE OPTIMAL USE OF ENERGY AT SMES (SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES) Implementation Instrument B: Development and networking of service providers related to technology and innovation transfer No activity proposed Implementation Instrument C: Strengthening the infrastructures of public research and technological organisations C1: CENTRE OF ENERGY DEVELOPMENTS Research Center of Western Macedonia Implementation Instrument D: Activities in preparation of assistance to research units in connection with the standardisation and commercial exploitation of research results D1: SPIN-OFF “CLEAN ENERGY” L.T.D. Implementation Instrument E: Regional Technological Platforms E1: TECHNOLOGICAL PLATFORM OF THE REGIONAL POLE OF INNOVATION IN WESTERN MACEDONIA
The existing scientific and technological excellence in the sector of energy was and will be the main factor for strengthening the competitive place of Western Macedonia, in the international and regional environment. This network aimed at the improvement of collaboration of research activities, in order to accelerate new innovative products and services development and facilitate the required transfer of technology and models in the wider space of energy. Thus the main objective of the Regional Pole was the reinforcement of regional competitiveness, via the strengthening of collaborative research and targeted technological and innovative specific actions across the Region.

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University of Western Macedonia