Factsheet: Vision Biomass 2030

Vision Biomass 2030

Key Information
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Biomassa 2030: Strategische visie voor de inzet van biomassa op weg naar 2030
Vision in the Netherlands of: * how biomass can contribute optimally to the achievement of the policy objectives towards 2030 in the areas of food, energy, climate, mobility,biobased and circular economy. * how to achieve an innovative and competitive economy. And with a precondition to a maximum use of sustainably produced biomass. Therefore sufficient potential renewable biomass must be available, provided it is used successfully is aimed at increasing the biomass supply and optimum use of biomass. The focus is on sustainable production and use of biomass. The contribution can be extended to the policy goals and economic growth by promoting the development of innovations and the use of biochemistry, biomaterials based on an integrated management on CO2 reduction.
Increase the share of renewable produced biomass. Support investments in energy efficient technologies. Stimulate biobased materials.
Responsible Authority: 
Ministry of Economic Affairs (Ministerie van Economische Zaken)


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