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Energy Decree

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The decree based on the Flemish energy policy can be found in the decree of May 8, 2009 concerning general provisions relating to energy or "the Energy Decree". The liberalization of the European electricity and gas market and the international agreements on greenhouse gas emissions (ao. Kyoto Protocol), led to the expansion of the Flemish legislation. The Electricity Decree, the Natural Gas Decree, the rational use of energy ('REG') decree (provisions for energy efficiency and environmentally friendly energy through green power certificates and CHP certificates), the Establishment Decree for the VREG, the Energy Performance Act (to improve the energy performance of buildings) and the EPB Decree were various decrees that interacted. To achieve a consistency all this regulatory decrees were integrated into the Energy Decree of May 8, 2009 and its implementing regulations together into the Energy Act of November 19, 2010. The Energy Act and the Energy Decree entered both into force on January 1, 2011. The Energy Decree was supplemented and amended on several occasions since 2011 (see link VREG).
Regulate energy issues and (renewable) energy efficient technologies.

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Vreg Vlaamse regulator van de elektriciteits- en gasmarkt


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