Factsheet: CAP2020 Flanders

CAP2020 Flanders

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CAP2020: Common Agriculture Policy in Flanders
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GLB2020: Gemeenschappelijk Landbouwbeleid voor de periode 2014 tot 2020
The Common Agricultural Policy CAP is Europe's answer to the need for a decent standard of living for 12 million farmers and a stable, varied and safe food supply for its 500 million citizens. It strengthens the competitiveness and sustainability of EU agriculture by providing direct payments and market measures to farmers and finances programmes for the development of rural areas in the EU. The CAP entered into force in 2015 in Flanders with regard to direct aid, market measures and rural development. In 2014, both the Partnership Agreement (comprising all Belgian funds) and the RDP III (Rural Devlopment plan) were approved by the European Commission. Key political priorities have been defined at European level such as: jobs, sustainability, modernisation, innovation and quality. In parallel, flexibility was given to Belgium to adapt both direct payments and rural development programmes to its specific needs. Two "rural development programmes" (RDPs) one for Flanders and one for Wallonia respectively - focus on four main objectives: Improving competitiveness of the agricultural sector/Adaptation to climate change / Preserving ecosystems and an efficient use of natural resources / Creating conditions for the economic and social regeneration of rural areas. Fairer and greener direct payments Only farmers currently active benefit from income-support schemes and young farmers are strongly encouraged to set up in business, with the introduction of a new 25% aid supplement during the first 5 years in addition to already existing measures. Belgian farmers are taking simple, proven measures to promote sustainability and combat climate change with the support of the CAP. To improve the balance of the food supply chain in Belgium, new instruments are dedicated to farmers, enabling them to get better organised and to market their products better. Professional and inter-professional organisations are strengthened.
Promote rural development and sustainability in agriculture.

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The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Government of Flanders (Het Departement Landbouw en Visserij van de Vlaamse overheid)


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