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National Energy Conservation Program - PROCEL
The objective of the National Energy Conservation (PROCEL) is to promote the rationalization of production and consumption of electricity, in order to eliminate waste and reduce costs. The aim is to stimulate the manufacture and marketing of more efficient products, contributing to the technological development and the preservation of the environment. PROCEL began in 1985 as a programme run by Electrobras but created by the Ministries of Mines and Energy, Commerce, and Industry. In 1991, PROCEL was transformed into a government program and its scope and responsibilities expanded. PROCEL helps fund conservation projects involving R&D, demonstrations, educational and training programmes, marketing strategies, direct installation and upgrading inefficient equipment, and demand side management in the electricity sector.This programme has several sub-programmes within it, including programmes targeted at buildings, sanitation, public lighting, municipal energy management, education, and industry, as well as an energy efficiency and consumption label for appliances.
Support R&D in energy efficiency and renewable energy

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Ministries of Mines and Energy, Commerce, and Industry


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