Factsheet: Crops Act, 2013

Crops Act, 2013

Key Information
Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Crops Act, 2013
An Act of Parliament to consolidate and repeal various statutes relating to crops; to provide for the growth and development of agricultural crops and for connected purposes. Ensures sustainability constraints and social equity. Furthermore, through the improved yields and increased production volumes of the different crops, residue availability increases as well, implying higher potential for export to the EU. This Act seeks to accelerate the growth and development of agriculture, enhance productivity and incomes of farmers and the rural population, improve investment climate and efficiency of agribusiness and develop agricultural crops as export crops. For purposes of promoting of the production, processing, marketing, and distribution of crops in suitable areas the Act introduces, among other things, the following measures: (a) reduction and circumvention of unnecessary regulatory bureaucracy in the crops subsector; reduction of unnecessary regulation or overregulation of the crops subsector; and reduction of duplication and overlap of functions among institutions involved in the regulation of crop agriculture;(b) reduction of unnecessary levies, taxes or other barriers to free movement of crop products and provide for a rationalized taxation system; (c) promotion of competitiveness in the crops subsector and development of diversified crop products and market outlets; and (d) attracting and promoting private investment in crop agriculture. It is a new Act and repeals on: 1. Agricultural Produce (Export) Act (Cap. 319); 2. Agricultural Produce Marketing Act (Cap. 320); 3. Crop Production and Livestock Act (Cap. 321); 4. Canning Crops Act (Cap. 328); 5. Cereals and Sugar Finance Corporation (Cap. 329); 6. Coconut Industry Act (Cap. 331); 7. Coconut Preservation Act (Cap. 332); 8. Cotton Act (Cap. 335); 9. Pyrethrum Act (Cap. 340); 10. Sisal Industry Act (Cap. 341); 11. Tea Act (Cap. 343); 12. Coffee Act (No. 9 of 2001); 13. Sugar Adt (No. 10 of 2001); 14. The Irrigation Act (Cap. 347).
Stimulate sustainable crops management.
Responsible Authority: 
the Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Authority.


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