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Energy Savings

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Law on Energy Savings of 7 July 1994 + 1999 amendment + 2005 amendment
1994 Law on Energy Savings adopted on 7 July 1994 sets up legal, economic, social and ecological grounds for energy saving for all enterprises, associations and organisations located in the territory of Ukraine and as well for its citizens. In order to lower energy demand, decrease energy costs and increase energy security energy efficiency and energy savings areas and methods are established. The Law determinates that energy efficiency and energy savings plans and methods will be established and exceuted on national as well as on local levels in Ukraine. Ukrainian government is obliged to create legislative framework supporting and incentivising energy savings financialy (tax reliefs, grants, etc) open for industry, businesses and individuals. Government will be supporting scientific research into the sphere of energy savings processes and technologies. In order to finance measures for efficient use and economy of fuel and energy resources, state and local authorities are obliged to create appropriate budget (energy saving funds) for this purpose both on national and local levels. The Law on Energy Savings was amended twice: in 1999 and 2005. 1999 amendment provides more detailed regulations for financing energy savings from governmental budget. 2005 amendment incorporated regulations on CHP and tuckles waste energy potential. (For more details on this law: "Law on Combined Heat and Power (cogeneration) and Waste Energy Potential")
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