Factsheet: Spatial Planning Law

Spatial Planning Law

Key Information
Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Spatial Planning Law No. 26/2007
Law No. 26/2007 amends Law No. 24/1992 (Spatial Planning Act) in the context of decentralisation, urbanisation and other factors. It grants authority over spatial planning to provincial governments (pemerintah propinsi) and district governments (pemerintah kabupaten and pemerintah kota). Provision of this authority is not stipulated within previous spatial planning laws. It also provides some new ways for enhancing development control including zoning, planning permits, implementation of incentives and disincentives, including administration and criminal sanction. Law No. 26/2007 also acknowledges the importance of public participation in spatial planning. The law provides more detailed regulations than the previous spatial planning law including rights, obligations and the forms of public participation in spatial planning. The law provides Guidance of Estate Business Permits and determines that the individual ownership of land for palm oil is at least 20% of the total area of the community which is developed for palm oil.
Natural Resource management.
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Ministry of Agriculture


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