Factsheet: Agroenergy Development Program

Agroenergy Development Program

Key Information
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Agroenergy Development Program
The Brazilian Federal Government created the Agroenergy Development Program whose aim is further insert agroenergy in the country energy matrix and contribute to its strengthening. This Program establishes both a framework and an orientation for the public and private actions involved in the generation of knowledge and technology that will contribute to the sustainable production of renewable sources of energy. The main goal is to enhance the competitiveness of Brazilian agribusiness and provide support to public policies aiming at social inclusion, regional development and environmental sustainability. Thus, its purpose is to organize and develop the technological research, innovation and transfer in support to the sustainability and competitiveness of the agroenergy chains. The Brazilian Agroenergy Program also establishes institutional arrangements need to structure research, under which it was created an agroenergy consortium and a new Embrapa unit, the Embrapa Agroenergy. The actions undertaken under the Agroenergy Program, oriented towards the domestic market, are the identification of raw material that might be more adequate for biofuel production; the fostering of research with focus on productivity; regional studies on potentialities related to the production of bioenergy; support to improve producer organizations and technology transfer. Governmental strategic actions on agroenergy: • Sugar Cane Agro-ecological Zoning • Oilseed Agricultural Zoning for Biodiesel Production • Strengthening of International Partnership: The Brazilian Government undertook actions for the creation of the International Biofuel Forum, with the participation of the USA, European Union, China, India and South Africa. • Guidelines for Biofuel Social and Environmental Certification • Creation of an electronic information system: (SAPCANA) to work on information provided by sugar and alcohol producers so as to improve sugar cane harvest forecasts and have greater information accuracy, including on the use of new areas of sugar cane production.
Stimulate advanced biofuels
Responsible Authority: 
Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply Secretariat of Agricultural Policy