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Timber Regulations

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Timber Regulations
Regulations respecting the cutting and removal of timber: no person shall cut and remove timber in a forest area except under the authority of a permit issued by a forestry officer or an agreement entered into with the Minister. (The prohibition does not apply to an employee of the Department of Forestry who is engaged in the cutting and removal of timber in a forest area in the performance of the employee’s duties). The fees to be paid for a permit shall be the official published provincial fees that are in effect in the province in which the forest area is located. The Minister may, after making a public call for tenders, enter into an agreement for the cutting and removal of timber in a forest area with (a) an individual who has reached the age of majority as set out under the laws of the province in which the agreement is entered into; or (b) a corporation, partnership or joint venture In Canada forestry operations on federal and Aboriginal lands currently place relatively small volumes of timber into the supply chain. Federal departments are generally responsible for the management of lands under their administration and control. However, under the Forestry Act and accompanying Timber Regulations, departments may request that Natural Resources Canada assume responsibility for the protection and management of any forests on their lands.
Regulate protection and management of forests

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Department of Natural Resources


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