Factsheet: National Fund on Climate Change

National Fund on Climate Change

Key Information
Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
National Fund on Climate Change
National Policy on Climate Change creates regulation for Law No. 12187 Article 6 on the NPCC, National Fund on Climate Change, and Action Plans on Deforestation Prevention and Control; Article 11 on the Sector Plans (CDM and the Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions); Article 12 which sets the national voluntary emission reduction commitment. National Fund on Climate Change (Law No. 12144/2009, Decree No. 7343) 9 December 2009, 26 October 2010 directs funds for the mitigation of GHGs through research, the diffusion of technology, and the promotion of REDD+ projects. Resources are Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES).
Support R&D and investments on emission reduction. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Responsible Authority: 
Ministry of Mines and Energy


Trade Relevance: 
Policies ensuring sustainable production of biomass
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