Factsheet: Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Act

Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Act

Key Information
Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Act No. 17 of 2013
This Act provides an administrative framework for agricultural research in Kenya and provides for the promotion and coordination of agricultural research activities in Kenya. It establishes the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization and establishes the research institutes specified in the Second Schedule. It also establishes a Scientific and Technical Committee.The Organization shall: (a) promote, streamline, co-ordinate and regulate research in crops, livestock, marine and fisheries, genetic resources and biotechnology in Kenya; (b) promote, streamline, coordinate and regulate research in crops and animal diseases; and (c) expedite equitable access to research information, resources and technology and promote the application of research findings and technology in the field of agriculture. The functions of the research institutes shall be to: (a) advise on, and develop appropriate systems to promote, balanced, diversified and sustained agricultural development and to optimise agricultural production through adaptive an investigative research; and (b) facilitate the use of improved production technology, and to establish adequate feedback systems from agricultural producers in order to achieve and maintain national self-sufficiency and export capacities in agricultural products. Those institutes, listed in Schedule 2 shall be successors to institutes listed in Schedule 4. This Act amends the Science and technology Act.
Support agricultural practices. Regulate Agriculture, Livestock, forest management and forestry protection measures.

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Responsible Authority: 
the Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Authority AFFA


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