Factsheet: Reduced Impact Logging for Carbon Sequestration

Reduced Impact Logging for Carbon Sequestration

Key Information
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Reduced Impact Logging for Carbon Sequestration
Implementation of Reduced Impact Logging (RIL) techniques to reduce GHG emissions associated with logging practices (estimated impact: 134,379 t CO2 throughout 40 years period). The project involves the development of guidelines and procedures for implementing RIL techniques, on-site training in directional felling, and the implementation of RIL techniques on a total of 600 hectares (ha) of forested land targeted for imminent harvesting. Special strategies, including collaborative planning and management, will be undertaken to ensure that RIL ultimately contributes to local sustainable development. This is to ensure that the local community will gain economic benefits.
Stimulate sustainable forest management. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Responsible Authority: 
Ministry of Forestry and Ministry of Environment