Factsheet: Alternative Fuels

Alternative Fuels

Key Information
Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Law on Alternative Liquid and Gaseous Fuels
Law No. 1391-XIV of 4 January 2000; Law No. 1391-VI of 21 May 2009; Law No. 4970-VI of 19 June 2012; Law No. 191-VIII of 12 February 2015; Law No. 514-VIII of April 2015: Adopted in 2000, the law on alternative liquid and gaseous fuels introduces the framework for financial mechanisms to stimulate biofuels and other alternative fuels that are not necessarily renewable in order to stimulate their increase up to 20% of the total amount of fuel consumption in Ukraine by 2020. 2009 amendment changed Law name into current version, added solid biofuels to the Law scope, announced introduction of biofuels blending mandates in Ukraine in years to come in order to steadily incease biofuels share in fuels consumption mix. (For more details please go to the record: Law on Promotion of Biological Fuels Production and Use (No. 1391-VI)) 2012 amendment introduced a gradual increase in the share of an established production and use of biofuels and blended motor fuels. Ethanol content in gasoline produced and sold in Ukraine will be (blending mandate): •2013 - recommended content not less than 5% (by volume) •2014-2015 - mandatory content not less than 5 % (by volume) •from 2016 - mandatory content of not less than 7% (by volume). Financial penalty and incarceration for: 1) breach of rules regarding sales of alternative fuels that do not meet the standards and specifications; 2) production, marketing and sales of traditional fuels as alternative fuels; 2015 amendment cancelled the above shares of an established production and use of biofuels and blended motor fuels.
Stimulate the domestic use of biofuels for transport.


Trade Relevance: 
Policies stimulating domestic use of biomass => availability for export
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