Factsheet: Forests of Ukraine 2002-2015

Forests of Ukraine 2002-2015

Key Information
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State Programme “Forests of Ukraine 2002-2015”
The State Programme “Forests of Ukraine 2002-2015” indicated the following objectives: • to extend forest covered territory to the optimal level; • to improve the productivity and quality of species composition in forest plantations; • to intensify nature-protective function of forests and to conserve their biological diversity; • to increase forest ecosystems resistance to negative impacts and climate change; • to apply widely sustainable forest resources management techniques; • to extend protective afforestation and forest agro melioration; • to improve forest management legislation • to make it consistent with international sustainable development and forest management principles; • to intensify state control for protection, conservation, exploitation and regeneration of forests; • to encourage the development of forest research and education; • to improve social protection of forestry workers. The main outputs of State Program “Forest of Ukraine 2002-2015”: • to increase forest cover by 0,5 million ha - from 15,6% to 16,1% • to increase wood harvesting by 15-20%. • to improve biodiversity and environment at local, regional levels • to reduce soil degradation and greenhouse gases concentration • to contribute to UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and Convention on Biodiversity Conservation.
Protection and sustainable management of forests.

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Policies ensuring sustainable production of biomass
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