Factsheet: CSA Sustainable Forest Management

CSA Sustainable Forest Management

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Canadian Standards Association Sustainable Forest Management
First published in 1996, CAN/CSA-Z809-08 (R2013) - Sustainable Forest Management is Canada’s national Standard for sustainable forest management (SFM). The standard links adaptive forest management to forest certification through performance, public participation and system requirements. At the end of 2013 over 25% of the 150 million hectares of certified forests in Canada had been registered using the CSA Z809 standard. This Standard specifies requirements for sustainable forest management (SFM) of a defined forest area (DFA), including requirements for (a) the management framework; (b) commitment; (c) public participation; (d) performance measures and targets; (e) the systematic review of actions; (f) the monitoring of effectiveness; and (g) continual improvement.
Regulate protection and management of forests.

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