Factsheet: PEI Forest Management Act

PEI Forest Management Act

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PEI Forest Management Act
This regulation concerns among others: the effectiveness of forest management activities; forest research; the training of workers for the forest industry; forest wildlife conservation; forest multiple use ; an inventory of the forest in the province ; a summary of the forest management activities for both Crownforest lands and private land ; an estimate of the wood supply shortfalls or surpluses based on projections of forest growth and demand for forest products; programs proposed to manage the forest; the conservation, utilization, protection and integrated management of Crown forest lands including among others harvesting, regeneration and improvement of the timber resource; utilization of Crown timber resources for the best end use; sales permit ; designating fuelwood classes and advertising standards for fuelwood. For public lands: The Forest Management Act provides authority for the management and harvest of public land forests on PEI. Forest management plans are prepared for all public lands and posted for public comment. These plans must meet the standards of the Ecosystem-based Forest Management Standards Manual. For Private Lands, most of PEI’s forest (87%) is privately-owned by small woodlot owners and farmers. Management and harvest decisions are the right and responsibility of the owner. The province will provide technical advice and assistance to land owners who are interested in forest stewardship and who practice forestry in compliance standards of the Ecosystem-based Forest Management Standards Manual.
Regulate protection and management of forests

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The PEI Department of Agriculture and Forestry


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