Factsheet: Sustainable Forest Development Act

Sustainable Forest Development Act

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Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Sustainable Forest Development Act
Regulation concers among others: the importance of supporting the viability of forest communities, including increasing and developing products and services from the forest, valuing the use of wood, developing an innovative industry, efficient and competitive, and ensuring the sustainability forests in a sustainable development perspective; the sale of timber and other forest products in the open market at a price that reflects the market value and the supply of wood processing mills. For public lands the Sustainable Forest Development Act contains provisions that address among others: division of forest lands - forestry rights - timber supply guarantees - increasing timber production - scaling timber - timber marketing - forest development standards - forestry permits - forest planning in developments units - forest operations - seizure, confiscation and disposal of timber - sanctions/penalties - the sustainable forest development strategy - follow-up and monitoring - processing of timber. Development of Québec’s privately-owned forests is governed by a number of provisions in the Sustainable Forest Development Act which address the following topics: regional agencies for private forest development - plans and programs - forest producers; and - forestry financing program.
Regulate protection and management of forests ; regulate timber and timber products

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Ministère des Ressources naturelles (MRN)


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