Factsheet: RDP - Bulgarian Rural Development Programme

RDP - Bulgarian Rural Development Programme

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Bulgarian Rural Development Programme
For 2014-2020, Bulgaria has been allocated around EUR 2.3 billion for measures benefiting its rural areas. This will be spent in accordance with well-defined priorities set out in the so-called "Rural Development Programme" (RDP). The Bulgarian Programme will target the following three main objectives: * Improving competitiveness of the agricultural sector and farm viability and provision of quality food (about 24% of the programme public resources); * Preserving ecosystems and sustainable use of natural resources in agriculture, forestry and food processing (about 46% of resources); * Economic and social development of rural areas, which contributes to job creation, reducing poverty, social inclusion and improving quality of life (about 30% of resources). These objectives will be underpinned by the horizontal priorities for innovation, environment and climate; the advice to farmers and the access to knowledge will be key elements in the future in order to achieve a more competitive agriculture. The new 2014-2020 RDP places high importance on farm investments (with stronger focus on environment than in the previous programming period), basic services and village renewal, measures linked to environment and climate, and to business development.
Stimulate sustainable rural development Stimulate sustainable and efficient use of resources.


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